About Quincy

Just south of Boston is the city of Quincy. It has been called other names as well, including City of Presidents and Birthplace of the American Dream. Quincy, MA is the birthplace of both John Adams and John Quincy Adams, the second and sixth Presidents of the United States, respectively. There are many areas to visit in and around Quincy, MA most of which can be found in the Quincy, MA business directory or Quincy, MA yellow pages.From its location on the coast, Quincy is able to offer a very wide variety of things for visitors and locals to do all year round. There are many fascinating sites that provide for a look back in time into the days when there were things, such as Sons of Liberty meetings and other historic events. Options for visiting and touring include the Adams National Park, which is a thirteen acre park including the home of the family, a visitor's center and the United First Parish Church as well as the Adams Crypt. In addition to this wonderful attraction, other must-sees include the Thomas Crane Public Library, the Hancock Cemetery, the Dorothy Quincy Homestead, and the Josiah Quincy House.

When looking for a place for dinner, the various restaurants found listed in the Quincy, MA business directory will provide you with options for any kind of food you might desire. There are restaurants serving traditional American foods as well as fine dining establishments providing sushi, if that is what you are in search of. Also one can choose a walk on the boardwalk along Marina Bay, which is known to be the largest marina in the Northeast area. At the same time you can take in a view of the spectacular sunsets over the bay. The area also is known for its fabulous restaurants that are found facing the skyline so that the sunsets can be viewed over dinner as well. As with many different areas, shoppers will be delighted to find the various stores and retail outlets that offer a wide variety of choices for your shopping pleasure. If you run out of attractions to see and things to do in Quincy, MA, Boston is just a few minutes away.

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