About Detroit

Detroit, Michigan is an amazing city with a lot of history behind it. Even with all the money being invested in this city for rebuilding, it will be a work in progress probably for a very long time. The beginning of this old city began in 1701 with a population of 100 people progressing in the 1990s to 777,916 people. Detroit is the largest city in the state of Michigan and a port city on the Detroit river. This city is remembered because of its traditional automotive city, and its many music legacies. Last year, Detroit was named one of the most populous city in the United States, coming in 11th place, with 910,920 residents. Since then there has been a major shift in the population because the city suffers from not having many jobs to offer. Michigan has a humid continental climate, and its beautiful waterfronts show many different architectural styles that are dazzling to the eye. Entertainment and the performing arts has played a very important role in this city since the 1940s and is one of the main reasons for its recognition.

The city is also known for its major manufacturing companies which account for over 20% of employment in the area. With the city's big buildings, it is considered to be the most important city involving international trade. Detroit seems to be the center of attention these days, but because the city has taken a serious downfall since a few decades ago. The population is half of what it was back then, and only about 30% of high school students graduate in Detroit. How sad! Even sadder is the fact that about 50% of the population is on welfare. The closure of auto factories in Detroit is what has destroyed the economy, leaving no jobs for anyone. The once beautiful big homes that were once eye candy to visitors, now look extremely run down because of thieves. Because of this, sooner or later all of these homes will have to be torn down. The city is definitely in need of rebuilding but could take an entire lifetime to restore it to its once prosperous state or to even get close.

With this city looking as bad as it does, many government officials believe it is simply a waste of time to rebuild this city. It looks beyond unrepairable, so instead of spending money to create more jobs, money should be spent on education to prepare people for jobs elsewhere. People consider their hometowns to be as sacred as their families, so giving up may not be that simple.

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