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We at SAM (Shines Autos Meticulously) take pride in our work as if your vehicle was our own. We are located in Bozeman, MT. We specialize in giving any vehicle a professional detail that you will be more than happy with. What sets us apart? 13 years of experience Convenient appointments available We are very affordable and do exceptional work Interior/exterior/motor detailing Free estimates We can do any make or model of vehicle including: Motorcycles Compact cars Full-size car/sedans Wagon/small crossover Mid-size crossover/SUV/truck Large SUV/truck Custom/show car/truck Semi trucks (no trailers) We offer many different packages to best fit your needs: Complete detail - includes interior, exterior, and motor detailing Interior detail - thorough vacuuming of all carpet and upholstery. Thorough scrub of all plastic, vinyl, and leather. This includes all door jams, cubbies, cup holders, and glove boxes ( It is best to remove personal belongings ahead of time to avoid anything getting lost or damaged). Thorough shampoo of all carpet, floor mats and upholstery ( It is best if we have the vehicle overnight to ensure the carpets are properly dried). Thorough, but not greasy, plastic and vinyl shine/protectant application and/or leather conditioning. Thorough window cleaning inside and out. Exterior detail - thorough hand wash of body, wheels, and undercarriage. Thorough tar, tree sap, rail dust, and over spray removal. Thorough buff/polish to eliminate minor scratches and to maximize paint depth and shine (Extra levels of buffing/cutting, wet sanding, and/or multiple wax applications are also available). Thorough coat of premium wax to sustain appearance after many car washes and to protect the vehicles paint. Thorough cleaning and protectant of all trim, chrome, and other exterior details. Thorough window cleaning inside and out. Motor detail - thorough degrease presoak. Thorough steam clean. Thorough air dry and wipe down. Thorough, but not greasy, shine/protectant application. Please feel free to call or stop by any time. All of our prices are listed on our website. We look forward to serving you soon.





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