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City Garbage Collection Service offers service to all residents of Bozeman, MT. In addition to residential and commercial garbage collections services, City Garbage Collection Service also has a wide variety of containers available to choose from, to meet your individual needs. City Garbage Collection Service offers: Household trash or garbage pick-up Curbside recycling Bulky item pick-up Compost and yard trimming collection Roll-off container rental In order to minimize problems with your garbage collection remember to leave a three- to four-foot clearance from other objects. Customers are encouraged to bag their trash in order to reduce littering as the totes are emptied. Please ensure the container is accessible to the truck by 7:00 am, or the night before. Customers without alley access should place their tote next to the curb for pickup. If unsure of your collection day, or for more information, please call. Residential property owners who are interested in using City of Bozeman trash collection service can call or go to City Hall in Bozeman to sign up. In observance of some National holidays, collection service will be one day late for the entire week. On those weeks, if your normal collection day is Monday, your tote will be emptied on Tuesday, and normal Thursday totes will be emptied on Friday, etc. The list of holidays we will be a day behind the normal schedule can be found here, or call for more information. Compost collection is available mid- to late-May through mid-August, depending on the availability of temporary summer workers. To participate in the compost collection program, place your refuse in plastic or metal cans clearly labeled "compost" or open plastic bags, near your regular trash collection container. Please have your compost out at 7 am on Monday, as the compost collection will not necessarily be on the same day as your trash collection. Call City Garbage Collection Service today for more information.


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