About Charlotte

Charlotte, North Carolina was first settled in 1755. In the early part of the 18th century, the wagon wheel road led settlers to the foothills of North Carolina, Charlotte was an encampment for both the American and British Armies. Many churches was formed in the early 1800s. North Carolina led the nation in the golds production until the California gold rush in 1848. North Carolina processed a lot of cotton and the population grew after World War I.

Charlotte has a very hot subtropical climate. It sits between the mountains and the Atlantic Ocean. Later in 2008, Charlotte was chosen the best place to live. This city is very beautiful and has a lot to offer anyone that moves there. Plenty of banks and schools, museums and parks to go and visit. The surrounding area has beautiful towns as well and lots of nice neighborhoods to choose from. Living in North Carolina just has every place to go from the mountains to the beach. It is like you have both of two worlds.

On September 22,1989, the city was damaged by Hurricane Hugo. It was a category 1. People were not prepared. They just didn't think the hurricane would come so far inland. People were without power for several weeks and it took months to clean up. In December 2002, the city was hit by an ice storm. The damage this time surpassed Hugo. The city most of the time has mild winters and warm humid summers. Charlotte is known for its international population. The city has many beautiful houses and churches. They also have places for playing golf, many beautiful apartments and schools. Uptown Charlotte has undergone a massive construction phase. There are 687,456 people living within the city limit. Charlotte is also the major center for the US Motorsports industry. You can find Charlotte in the yellow pages and the directory for any business you are looking for. Charlotte is a great city to live in. There are many areas around Charlotte that are just as nice to live as well. People from all over are coming to Charlotte or the area around it to live.

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