About Union

Union, or more specifically, Union Township, Hunterdon County, New Jersey, is one of New Jersey's many townships. It is also one of several townships being prefaced by the name Union. It is a small township, being composed of just 6,160 inhabitants, according to a 2000 census.Union Township was incorporated as a township in 1853; it has been known as Union since about the year 1700, being named for Union Furnace, which forged cannon balls and made horseshoes as well as farming implements.In 2008, Union Township was named by New Jersey Monthly as being one Best places to live in New Jersey. The demographics of the township is composed of 81% Whites, 13% African Americans, 0.18% Native American, 1.59% Asians and 1.59% of other ethnicities.Like many of the townships in New Jersey, Union's workforce is composed mainly of upper-middle class persons, with mainly professional careers. its schooling system consists of the Union Township District, which is made up from grades K to 8. Students from the 9th to 12th grades attend Hunterdon High School in Annadale as a part of the Hunterdon-Voorhees Regional High School District.

Another Union township is Union Township, Union County, which was incorporated as a township in 2008. This Union township consists of 54,405 people. The demographics are 67% White, 19% African American; 0.15% Native American, 7.72% Asian, 0.02 Native Islander as well as 2.44 % from other races.And there is Union City, New Jersey, which consists of 66,455 according a recent 2010 census. Its demographics are 58% White, 0.70% African American, 2.15% Native American, 0.08% Pacific Islander, as well as over 28% of other races. The history of the township dates back to the 1650s, it being incorporated as a township in 1925.It is a township that is rich in various cultural sights and events. For instance, every year, it has the Cuban Day Parade, in which there is a high concentration of Cubans in the township. In its early years, it was known for its Vaudeville houses, which had some of the popular entertainers of the day, such as Fred Astaire and Harry Houdini.Come to the various Union townships and learn more about its culture and its people. For more information, check out the Union, NJ yellow pages or a Union, NJ business directory.

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