About Clovis

Clovis, New Mexico is located in the eastern region of the state. Cannon Air Force Base plays a huge role in the Clovis community. Clovis is also a large agriculture town. The Clovis area incorporated in 1909 as a ranch and farm land. There is growth and economic expansion happening all over Clovis and it is not just farm land anymore. The Clovis, New Mexico Business directory is expanding with booming new businesses popping up all over. Partnered with the Cannon Air Force Base right next door, Clovis is a city on the move. The main resource of Clovis' economy is ranching, farming, dairy, railroad, and the Air Force.

Clovis has a lot to be proud of. There are many annual events and activities in this flourishing town. The Air Force Base is home to the F16 fighter jet. Clovis has a spectacular air show, dirt track racing, rodeos, car shows, sports tournaments, and they are very proud of their music festivals. Clovis has deep rock and roll roots. Buddy Holly once recorded in a well known studio in Clovis. Shopping centers and great restaurants are springing up all over. Check the Clovis, New Mexico yellow pages for listing of what establishments are there.

The housing market is affordable in Clovis and it is on the rise since Cannon Air Force Base is right there. Again, a quick search of the Clovis yellow pages and business directory will locates some of the best real estate agents around to assist in home buying or renting. Nearby are furniture stores and shopping for all the conveniences needed to make the perfect adobe. Clovis has excellent schools for all ages with good academic and sport programs. The people of Clovis are warm, friendly and helpful. They welcome newcomers with open arms. The climate is humid free and the air is dry. The nights can sometimes be cool. There are a numbers of reasons to want to live in the wild west of Clovis, New Mexico. Clovis, New Mexico is more than just a Wild West ranch and farm town. Visit the warm friendly people of Clovis and see why they call it home.

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