About Columbus

If you are planning a trip to Columbus, Ohio, you are in for a real treat. There are many great places to entertain and inspire you while you relax in this interesting city. Named after the famous discoverer Christopher Columbus, the city alone lives up to the man. Christopher Columbus' boat, the Santa Maria, is even located in downtown Columbus for those of you who are history buffs and would enjoy a trip back in time.

It's not hard to open the Columbus, Ohio Yellow Pages and find a long list of attractions and historical places to visit. Places like The Wexner Center have great architecture and The Wexner Center For Arts had some great contemporary art pieces for those who enjoy the artistic side of life. The Wexner Center is located on one of the countries largest college campuses, Ohio State University. With a beautiful school, it could take up hours of your day, so be prepared. If you prefer heights and would like to take a look at Columbus, Ohio from the tip top of a skyscraper, you can visit the Rhodes State Tower which will give you a view from 629 feet above the ground.

If you run into trouble or need to find a department store or business in the Columbus area, the Columbus, Ohio business directory should answer all of your answers. You never know when you may need something. Luckily, Columbus is full of great city life and every need should be answered appropriately. If you are religious, the primary religion in Columbus is Protestant, but they offer every kind of worship or service for most all religions. The city is very open to different cultures. The heat in summer is very muggy and the cold is dry and brings a torrent of tornadoes during the winter season. It may be more suitable to travel here in the spring or fall to avoid too much of an extreme temperature. Between the beautiful rose gardens and and public gardens in the Columbus and Franklin County Metropolitan Park District and all the history you will encounter, Columbus, Ohio is one of the most fascinating places to explore. This is definitely not a city to miss out on.

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