About Enid

Enid, Oklahoma is a city in Garfield County, Oklahoma. The city got its name from a an official that visited the local railroad station in 1889 and disliked its name, Skeleton Station. He decided to rename it after the character Enid in Tennyson's Idylls of the King. It is known as the "Wheat Capital of Oklahoma" and boasts the third largest grain storage capacity in the world. The climate of Enid is that of extremes: the summers are hot and the winters are very snowy. The record for one day's precipitation is that of 15.68 inches in October 1973. Enid is also prone to tornadoes.

The demographics and population of Enid tend towards the Caucasian, married couple: 87.18 percent of the population is Caucasian, and 51.6 percent are married couples. About half of the population is under the age of 44, with about half of that being under age 18. The median income for a family in Enid is $39,113 dollars, and the per capita income is $17,471 dollars. Only 14.8 percent of the population is living below the poverty line. Religion is also an important part of Enid life: 61.92 percent of the population is affiliated with some sort of congregation, with the predominant faith being Protestant (39.21 percent). Enid also tends to be Republican, with 76 percent of registered voters claiming Republican affiliation. Business is Enid, Oklahoma varies between industry and high tech. Some prominent businesses in Enid are Continental Resources, Inc., Johnston Enterprises, Atwoods Distributing, GEFCO, Pumpstar, Koch Industries, and Computer Sciences Corporation, which provides services to the nearby Vance Air Force Base. If you wish to find other businesses in Enid, looking in the Enid, Oklahoma yellow pages and the Enid, Oklahoma business directory will probably help you.

Enid is home to several cultural events and places of importance. For example, the Tristate Music Festival, begun in in 1932, takes place each spring in Enid. It includes a rendition of Shakespeare in the Park and features the Enid Symphony Orchestra. Another place of interest is the Cherokee Strip Regional Heritage Center, which preserves the history of the Land Run of 1893. The Railroad Museum of Oklahoma also chronicles the rich past of Enid's railroad history. Enid is also commonly referenced in popular shows and movies. The public educational system of Enid consists of two school districts, which provide elementary, secondary, and technical education. It is home to Northwestern Oklahoma State University.

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