About Houston

Houston, Texas is known as the energy capital of the world. Houston is also a very progressive city when it comes to environmental initiatives. Visitors and residents alike can be completely green while visiting or residing in Houston.

Houston is 4th in most populated cities in the US and is home to some of the world's most well known oil companies. A check through the Houston, Texas business directory will also lead those looking to all the industrial, commercial, financial and educational centers. Houston has a large diverse economy made up of space engineering, science research, medical technologies, shipyards, agriculture centers and huge telecommunication operations. The city's international trade is growing yearly and will continue to become larger with Houston's economical growth. Houston has more fortune 500 companies headquartered than any other state. The city was named in 2008 as the number 1 city to live in and work. These facts were based on the Houston's very strong economy. Visitors and tourist can locate all the best hotels, resorts, shopping centers, and best restaurants through the Houston, Texas yellow pages. The city is so large that the choices will be endless. Shopping is some of the best in Houston. There are super sized malls boasting the best department stores to be found. The Galleria is one of he most popular malls. Outlet malls flank the city with endless deals and discount shopping. 60% of all Houston's visitors are Texas residents.

The Houston, Texas business directory and yellow pages will lead residents and visitors to more than just shopping. Top activities include the Space Center, beach, shoreline, nature, amusement parks, entertainment, attractions, culture, history, and sports especially golf. Getting to Houston is easy. The city has two airports serviced by major airlines and major interstates lead a driver right into the center of town. The accessibility of the city has earned Houston the pick of being among the top destinations for conventions. More trade shows are being held in Houston naming it one of the most affordable cities in the US to host convention. Texas maybe be big but things are bigger in Houston. Watch Houston continue to grow to the top as one of the United States top all around cities.

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