About Norfolk

Norfolk, Virginia sits on the Chesapeake Bay at the mouth of the Elizabeth River. It is one of the cities that make up the larger Hampton Roads area. Due to its close proximity to the Atlantic Ocean, Norfolk has a long standing history as a military, financial and historical place of interest. Its deep water channels support a high volume of trans-Atlantic shipping as well as housing one of the world's largest naval installations. Norfolk headquarters a few major transportation organizations and hosts infrastructure from most major defense contractors. Norfolk is also home to a number of other industries, such as educational services, social services, and health care many of which are listed in the Norfolk, Virginia business directory.

Norfolk's location, warm climate, and historical and cultural sights make the city an ideal tourist destination. Winters are typically mild, with only small amounts of snowfall. Summers, while warm, lend themselves well to the many types of water recreation available in Norfolk. The city has both bay front resorts and beaches for swimming. For visitors interested in boating, a number of day cruises, waterfront tours, fishing, and sailing opportunities can also be found in the Norfolk, Virginia yellow pages. Norfolk boasts a number of museums and historical sights, and hosts a wide variety of the performing arts. Annual events and festivities are a staple of the downtown area and the wide variety of restaurants and nightlife cater to every taste. Norfolk is also home to two professional sports teams and is also well known on the collegiate level for a variety of sports.

Norfolk can trace its history to the 17th century when the first British settlers landed at Cape Henry. Some of the city's historical landmarks date back to the 18th century and others were significant in the Revolutionary and Civil Wars. The city's architecture represents a wide variety of styles, comprised of Federal, Greek, Gothic Revival, and Modern influences. There are also parks and botanical gardens for outdoor viewing and recreation. Visitors interested in viewing Norfolk's historical landmarks should search the Norfolk, Virginia yellow pages for more information on sites of interest.

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