About Yakima

From the beginning days of the settlers to the current population of near 80,000 thousand, Yakima has continued to be a place of fun and good humor. With plenty of sports, concerts, festivals and activities that every age can thoroughly enjoy. For the most part, Yakima has continued to be an agricultural strong hold in Washington state for the last century or so. From timber to apples and berries, only recently has Yakima not seen a good haul brought in from their fertile lands. In recent years, there has been an increase in those traveling to Yakima for work, while there has been a decline in the amount of business that are able to hire more workers, making the economy there seem a bit woeful, yet still determined. The recession infection in Yakima has led to a large opportunity with those who have the passion and desire to make a beneficial difference.

Originally, explorers Lewis and Clark found that Yakima had abundant wild life, rich soil and lots of room. This brought trappers and homesteaders from all over and soon after crystals and gold were discovered all over Washington state, Yakima became a thriving established community. From them on, things have only seemed to go up for Yakima, even with the recent recession depression.

Located in the south central part of the pacific northwest's Washington state, Yakima has managed to keep up with the times fairly well, while still maintain much of their heritage and culture. Currently, Yakima farmers produce near 75% of all hops distributed in America and are world famous for their apples and various blends of wine. In 1994, Yakima even received the "All American City" Award by the National civic league that identify the strength of the Yakima community and their undying ability to hold it together in the worst of situations. The weather in Yakima is fairly moderate compared to other regions in the country, getting plenty of snow in the winter and plenty of hot days in the summer. This provides for lots of entertainment and life enriching activities all year round. From gorgeous camping and hiking grounds, to beautiful beaches and exciting indoor arena football, you won't be short of things to do when in Yakima, Washington.

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