About Casper

How unusual it is to find a small city offering a wide variety of fun and educational experiences! Casper, Wyoming, whose motto is "Ghost Town," seems to have it all: an archery range, a rock-climbing wall, 10 museums, and a real fort from the time Ft. Casper was a major army post. The list goes on and on. Check out the Casper, Wyoming yellow pages or the Casper, Wyoming business directory if you are seeking a family get-away or if you are looking for an interesting and scenic convention location.

Casper, Wyoming is a four-season destination where you can hike, camp, and play golf, or you can ice skate at the local ice skating arena. The North Platte River meanders through the town, providing easy access to fly fishermen, as well as to kayakers, canoeists, and rafters. There is even a terrain park available all year for skateboarders and skiers looking for a challenge. If you are a history buff, Casper, Wyoming still maintains some of the original wagon wheel ruts left by the early pioneers as they traveled the Mormon Trail and the Oregon Trail. Even the Pony Express had a stopover in Casper. Tours of these old, historic trails are available by covered wagon or horseback. For the winter sports enthusiast, skiing and snowboarding are only a 20-minute drive away. Game, such as deer, elk, antelope, ducks, and pheasant are abundant and attract hunters to the area during hunting season.

Moreover, what small city do you know that offers all of the experiences above, plus a planetarium, an aquatic center, a waterfall, and opportunities galore for white water rafting? There is even a Braille Trail built for the visually impaired but available to everyone. The Audubon Center is certain to appeal to bird lovers. About 25 miles from Casper, your family can walk a dinosaur trail strewn with fossils and dinosaur bones within easy view. Fine dining and microbrew, theatre, bluegrass, rodeo-Casper has something for everyone. Take a look at the Casper, Wyoming yellow pages or the Casper, Wyoming business directory and learn how to access all that Casper has to offer.

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