About auto glass repair

Sooner or later most drivers will need the assistance of a Local Auto Glass Repair service. The normal nicks and dings from regular driving are no cause for concern but statistics show that at least once in a drivers life time there will be a call made to a local auto glass repair provider. Many Local Auto Glass Repair shops are reputable, while others are more concerned with quick fixes and easy profits. This is one of the few industries that have no standard training requirements. As a result some local auto glass repair providers are fly-by-night services ready to make a quick buck while compromising your cars ability to keep you protected. With so many makes and models on the road today, without the proper manufacturers specifications and application instruction how can anyone be sure the replaced wind shield has been properly installed? Not all damaged wind shields need to be replaced by a local auto glass repair shop. Chips and small cracks can be neutralized with a simple injection of a clear adhesive bonding agent. This injection seals the cracks and prevents further spreading. However, when you do need that wind shield replaced here are the red flag questions you should ask before hiring your local auto glass repair technician: Have they been certified by a third party organization? As previously mentioned, without regulation, wind shield repair shops can forgo spending money on training to increase their profit margin.

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