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Local Churches offer a large range of diverse religions. Although Baptist is a very common religion in the south, you can find local churches that offer just about any religion that you are practicing in any state. Christian local Churches are abundant as well as Methodist, Lutheran, Pentecostal, Presbyterian and Catholic. You can find local churches just about on any street in any town in the United States: Whether you live in the country, city, town or mountains. Local Churches can be found in any phone books and yellow pages. All local churches have many different services that you can attend. Sunday morning service is a very popular service. However, you may choose to attend a night service or even a weekday service. Local churches also have a wide variety of programs that they offer. Most local churches offer nursery services for infants and toddlers. Sunday school for children is very popular and kids club programs that help kids learn the importance of god and offer the class in a fun learning environment with the help of games, songs, and playing with other children in their own age group. Most local churches offer different types of bible study programs to help enrich your knowledge and understanding of the bible. Small group ministries are very popular among local churches in the area. The ministries can be of many different needs. Examples can include a womans or mens ministry where you would get together to accomplish many different things that can include charity for the community, spreading the word of god, and prayer meetings. Some local churches offer the community the assistance of food banks or pantries for the low or no-income families in need. Common support groups such as AA or NA use many local churches to hold their meetings at. Most local churches have a church van that can offer transportation to and from some or all church activities or services for yourself or families. Local churches also support missionaries, some from the church and others overseas. Being a member can help support these missions to spread the word of god, build churches in other countries, being able to provide bibles to the poor and minister to the lost.

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