About clinics

Local clinics within the community serve as an alternative to pricey health care. Many services are offered at little or no cost to the patient. Those without health insurance can especially benefit from local clinics. Most preventative care, immunizations, physicals, screenings, and referrals are available. In addition, many local clinics may provide women and childrens health services. They may screen for breast cancer, provide gynecological services, and possibly planned parenthood. Like the physicians office, all screenings are professional and confidential. Childrens services may include general preventative care such as hearing and vision testing, well baby checkups, and parent education classes. Local clinics provide education and services regarding a variety of things. They may raise awareness about health and safety through counseling and health fairs. Nutritional services, domestic abuse, diabetes, smoking cessation, and guidelines for development are just a few of the things that local clinics may be able to help with. Local clinics are not limited to preventative screening and education. Several services that are offered in labs and the physician's office can be done at the clinic. Blood tests, x-rays, and non narcotic drugs and prescriptions, such as antibiotics can usually be obtained. Depending on the size and area of the local clinic some may even provide mild emergency care. Some local clinics are specialty clinics. This means that they only offer particular services. Local clinics may specialize in womens health issues, dental care, vision services, or children. Local specialty clinics are just as affordable as the other local clinics and provide high quality health services.

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