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It is just about time for the seniors in high school to be graduating, with that in mind a lot of local colleges are getting ready. The local colleges are making sure the seniors know about them by doing many different things. First of all, many of the local colleges are holding open houses so you can go and see what college life is all about. You may live next to local colleges and have no idea what they have to offer. Local colleges are advertising in newspapers, at job fairs, and even on street billboards. They are making sure the graduates out there know their options. There are a lot of advantages if you choose to go to local colleges. For example, you can still live at home and commute to school. If you are not ready to leave your parents and live on your own, why be pressured to doing so? Many parents prefer their children go to local colleges because they are still holding on to their babies. You can get the education you wanted, and have the security of your parents home still. Even if you do not want to live at home local colleges can still be an option. Most of the local colleges offer dorms where students can stay. This is the best of both worlds because you will not be living with your parents, but at the same time if you need to go home it is only a short drive away.

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