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The construction field is a noble one indeed. If not for construction workers, people would not have the many sturdy and secure buildings and bridges that have held up for so many years. Thanks to the efforts of skilled construction, architecture stands tall.As one can see, this is a profession in which one must positively know what they are doing. Persons in the construction field are skilled artisans; they are highly trained in their particular craft of trade.For instance, some are electricians, others plumbers, still others sheetrock layers, bricklayers, and the like. They have to have an excellent knowledge of math; they have to be able to make proper measurements so they can make the proper foundations, determine the width, depth, and breadth of a building's structure.In addition, they have to be familiar with the state's building law codes, so that they will know that the building project is in harmony with the requirements of their state's local building codes and laws.

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