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Entrusting the work being done to your home or business to a contractor is a big leap of faith. To many contractors, not even a signed contract is insurance that they will be performing the tasks you have asked them to perform on the schedule that you have given them. One of the ways to help reduce the stress associated with hiring a contractor is to use local contractors whenever you can. Using local contractors comes with its own list of benefits that are things that cannot be done by out of town contractors, and using local contractors can also help you to network with other contractors should you need more work done. Using local contractors helps to boost the local economy, and everyone in your community benefits from a boost to the local economy. You are helping to keep local people working, and they may even be people that you know. Local contractors help to provide a lot of good paying jobs for many people, and when you use local contractors you are helping to keep your community employed. Local contractors are more readily available to you if you should have a question, or if something should go wrong with the project. When you use out of town contractors, it can be difficult to register a complaint or ask a question over the phone. When you hire contractors you are usually doing an important project, and local contractors are within reach so that you can go to their offices when you have a question or problem. Gaining access to out of town contractors can cause project delays and cost you money, but with local contractors you can solve the problem right away and in person.

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