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Where do you start in your search for local crafts and craft supplies retail? First is determining which kinds of crafts you are looking for. Do you want items that are already completed and ready for purchase or are you looking for supplies to create your own crafts? Do you want beading supplies, floral, scrapbook items, painting, or a combination of supplies for various activities? You should start with your local yellow pages when looking for local crafts and craft supplies retail. Where you look is dependent upon the type of item for which you are searching. You will find everything from small “mom and pop” stores to the big box stores selling local crafts and craft supplies retail. The small stores will likely sell only one type of craft item whether it's beads, artificial flowers, or scrapbook supplies. Some of the small stores will sell completed craft items. The big box stores will have a small section with a variety of local crafts and craft supplies retail. One of your best locations to find local crafts and craft supplies retail are the stores dedicated solely to fabric and craft supplies. In these stores you will find whole sections on every type of local craft and craft supplies retail. There will be (in stores that carry fabric) a whole section of fabric and accompanying supplies. In addition, there will be entire areas for beading, woodcraft, fabric decoration, wedding supplies, custom floral, scrapbook and card making, and painting. These stores are a virtual paradise for those seeking local crafts and craft supplies retail.

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