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Local education is seeing resurgence in interest, enrollment, and community usage, due, in part, to the current recession. Not so long ago local education was fairly restricted, with K-12 being the most used institutions. Now there are so many options available to students of every age that choosing education best suited to a student's needs are often found within a few minutes from their home. Local educational choices run the gamut from pre-schools and educational day-care centers to technical schools and private and public elementary schools and community colleges and universities, there are even courses available for lifelong learners and business people. Many of these schools offer flexible scheduling, evening and weekend courses in order to meet their students and their families needs. Many elementary and religious schools offer year-round education, and others make after school and weekend day-care available to both parents and students. Local education is making improvements and changes to meet the needs of local residents. Local educators in the elementary, middle and high school arenas are teaching holistic curricula to their students to give them a more well-rounded education. Special-needs students, ESL students and those in need of special classroom accommodations are being mainstreamed into regular classes with their peers, rather than being taught outside of these classes where their segregation kept them isolated from other students. Private and religious educational institutions are meeting the needs of their neighbors by offering scholarships and reduced tuition to students from less-wealthy families and those who need a more individualized learning environment. These schools often allow non-students the opportunity to participate in extracurricular activities that public schools no longer have the funds to provide, such as sports and music courses. They bridge the gaps sometimes faced when seeking a thorough education.

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