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There are many reasons why golf is the most popular game in the United States. Its the ideal setting for socializing. This is beneficial whether youre playing with friends, business associates, your boss, or potential clients. Being out on the course allows you to get to know one another on a deeper level, yet in a casual atmosphere. There is no other place this can be done. And if its a potential client, this is especially beneficial. Most people buy the person more than the product. Think about it. If a potential client has two offers from people with similar products or services and he goes to play golf with one and not the other, do you think your odds of a sale increase or decrease? Of course, they will increase dramatically. This is pretty simple. The golf course is also a great place to bond with friends. You get to tell stories, make fun of each others poor shots, and attempt to one-up each other from time to time. One little piece of advice for all you golfers out there and leave your technology at home. Its very annoying and rude when youre out enjoying 18 holes and your friend spends half the time talking on the phone or texting. If youre one of those people, its hopeful that you will heed this advice. You are not helping the bonding experience; youre hurting it. And if youre the only guy (or gal) out of four doing it, youre really out of the loop and you just dont know it yet.

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