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There are a lot of local hotels in many cities now a days. Most of the newly constructed buildings, are hotels being built to bring in tourist from outside your town. There are many local hotels in our area because of a new casino that just opened. By building local hotels you are bringing in more money for your community. With the local hotels comes many people to spend money on your shops, restaurants, and attractions. There are many reasons why local hotels are popular today. Local hotels are not only great for bringing in new tourists, but they also offer a lot to the people who are already living in town. For instance, if you are going to a concert that is going to be late, than you may want to get a hotel room instead of driving back home. Also, you can use local hotels for when guest from out of town come in and you do not have enough room in your home. Local hotels are great for a lot of reason. Many local hotels offer much more than a place to stay. Many of the local hotels offer restaurants and banquet halls inside the hotels themselves. The banquet halls are great for the local community because it gives a new place for parties, such as weddings or proms. They also offer a place for business meetings or fundraisers to be held.

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