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Local insurance in almost all cases is much better to have than a remote insurance company that does not have a local agent. While there are a number of companies now that capitalize on the utility and ease of online and over the phone sales and service, there really is no substitute for having local insurance with a local agent with whom you can communicate with face to face and get in person advice and guidance. Having a good relations ship with your local insurance agent can potentially save you a significant amount of money and, in some cases, help you avoid financial ruin. Insurance is a broad topic, but one of the most popular, well known and most important types of insurance is auto insurance. Auto insurance is so important for a number of reasons: it is some of the most often used types of insurance, it is a type of insurance that requires a lot of service since you will typically make many changes to it, it is legally mandatory to have if you drive, and it is a good example of a type of insurance that can help you avoid financial ruin. When you consider that fact that you will need to communicate with your auto insurance agent any time you trade vehicles, buy a new vehicle, have your vehicle damaged, or get in a wreck, you will be able to see why having a local insurance agent can be essential. Being able to sit down in person with your local insurance agent, go over your particular situation and insurance needs and to be able to discuss his proposals and solutions face to face is so much better than attempting to figure it out yourself with an online insurance company or to try to have the same conversation over the phone with an insurance representative who you never know and have never spoken to before.

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