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Dont you just hate when an emergency comes up that requires a little extra cash that you just dont have? What about when you are experiencing car trouble in the middle of your commute to work and you don't have the cash to get you running again? You feel frustrated and helpless, right? This is where loans come into play. Loan companies let you borrow money when you are caught in a tight. Loans can be small, simple, fast, and easy to get or they can be a large lump sum requiring collateral, taking days to process, and can sometimes cost you a lot more money than you actually borrowed. Being able to borrow money when needed is such a life saver to many, but you must be careful in choosing the companies you decide to borrow from. Many people choose cash advances during emergencies when they dont really have the time to go through paperwork and other procedure that could take days before they even get approved to get a loan. Cash advances are fast, require little or no paperwork, may require the use of a checking or savings account to directly deposit funds, and you can obtain this money in as little as an hour in some cases. This works well for people who need money immediately and some companies dont even require you to be in sight to get you the advance. You may be able to do it from your computer or phone within minutes.

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