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Local parking conditions and tricks always vary based on population density. Local parking in rural locations has different rules than parking in congested urban locations. Parking in northern states during the winter also has its own share of hazards when snow storms hit. Below are a few tips based on urban areas, rural areas, and winter local parking. Rural areas have few restrictions on where and how to park. However, be careful when assuming that all areas are acceptable for parking. Free local parking can be found in a town or a local road. Parking is never allowed on interstates or roads in state parks, and cars are towed. Some locations are "no parking zones" but are unmarked. Also be careful about finding local parking on private land. Parking on private land is also not acceptable. In rural areas, look for local parking by tourist centers, unmarked restaurant parking lots, or rest areas. Finding local parking in cities is considerably more difficult than in rural areas. Parking is restricted and requires payment for almost all street parking in downtown areas. Check to see if there is a parking meter on the street beside the parking space. Parking meters take quarters and usually require 25 cents for each fifteen minutes. When the parking meter expires, a transit officer has the right to ticket the car.

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