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Does your local plumbing business have what it takes to dig you out of trouble? The first thing that a local plumbing business should have is a license to do plumbing in your state. They should also carry insurance on their business in the event they tear something up. And they should also carry worker's comprehensive insurance on their employees. You should always check out your local plumbing business before hiring them. Check with friends and neighbors to see if they have ever used them. Look them up on the computer and find out if there have ever been any complaints filed against them with the Better Business Bureau or other. Find out how long they have been in business and what their track record is with completing jobs and doing them well. Local plumbing businesses should always be professional. They should do their best to be on time. If they say they are going to be there at 1PM, then they should be there as close to that as possible. They should always tell you what is wrong with your plumbing before they begin fixing anything. If for some reason you do not think what they are saying is the problem then get a second opinion from another local plumbing business (if the problem can wait that long). Some local plumbing businesses have 24 hour emergency services. If you have a major problem at 2AM, there are some local plumbing businesses to call if the problem will not wait until the others open. However, local plumbing businesses will charge extra for emergency services, so beware. If the problem is not of extreme emergency then wait until another local plumbing business is open during regular hours.

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