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Small or large, the results are in. A Business that chooses to take advantage of their Local Screen Printing Service will be using the most powerful advertising tool offered today! In November 2008, Advertising Specialty Institute released a report that provides compelling proof as to the value of teaming up with a Local Screen Printing provider. After interviewing over 600 random business owners and employees who had received some form of free promotional advertising trinket such as a pen, hat, or bag; here is what they discovered: 84% remembered the promotional item they received, 42% had a more favorable interest in the business that gave them the item, 62% actually did business with the company after they received the freebie, pens were determined to be the most popular, with shirts and caps a close second, and recipients kept their items up to 6 months. The most important finding? The average cost of advertising per item, calculated to be .004 cents. For any company that is familiar with marketing, the cost is amazingly affordable and conclusively an incredible value. The ASIs final conclusion? Marketers get more favorable return on investments from advertising specialties then nearly any other popular advertising media. Advertising specialties are the very items your Local Screen Printing Company will be happy to supply. The better local screen printing shops will have the ability to print not only on caps, pens, mugs etc. but almost anything you need. From golf balls to staplers, t-shirts to pillow cases.

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