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Have you ever noticed the little shops on the main streets in your town? Almost every town has a few mom and pop shops, waiting for customers. These shops date a long time back and can usually have the most extraordinary gifts inside. One way to find out what these shops have to offer is by taking a day to go local shopping. There are so many family run stores that not many people know about. If you put a day aside to get to know your community and go local shopping, you will find places you did not even know existed. Local shopping does not mean you have to spend a lot of money, but just go out there and see what is available. You will be surprised what you can find when you go local shopping. You will find little clothing boutiques that no one has ever heard of. When you go local shopping, you may find a shirt or skirt for half of the price you would pay at any department store. You may even find a tailor who can make clothes for you. If you take a little time to go local shopping you will be able to find the most delicious handmade foods. There are so many local bakeries and shops that sell fresh baked goods. Local shopping can get you those cookies you longed for since Grandma passed away, or a nice hot bowl of soup your mom used to make.

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