About tanning beds

There are many differences among local tanning beds in any given area. Customers have many options to choose from when deciding which ones to patronize. The options are outlined here. First, local tanning beds have different time requirements. Some of these beds are ten minute beds, which means a person only has to stay inside for a total of ten minutes to get the maximum benefit. Other beds require users to stay inside for fifteen, twenty, or thirty minute time periods to get the maximum benefits. A persons schedule may dictate how long they have to spend on tanning. One important feature many tanners want from their local tanning beds is the facial tanner. This is a separate tanning option available on some tanning beds that sends rays directly to the face. This facial tanner has a separate timer so that the facial tanner can be turned off before the session is over. Customers should question the owners of local tanning beds to determine how often the bulbs are changed in the beds. Beds whose bulbs get changed more often are stronger and offer more ultraviolet light than beds with bulbs that rarely get changed. Check the local tanning beds to see if they have a fan in the rooms. Some higher end beds will have a built-in fan while some salons simply sit fans at the end of the bed to blow on users while tanning. Either way, consumers will need some sort of fan while in the booth.

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