About tanning salons

People all over the world tan. It can have its dangerous side effects but it really can be healthy too. Tanning is a proven way to get Vitamin D which helps bone growth and for people who can't get outside much it is a great way to get the Vitamin D you need while getting a nice glow. There are both booths and tanning beds. Booths are usually more powerful and you can usually only go a shorter amount of time. You would have to check with your local tanning salons to find out just how long that is and what is best for you. Your local tanning salons can also tell you about the different types of tanning beds. Tanning beds and booths have different levels depending on how much you tan and your desired darkness. Most local tanning salons will have four basic levels. A level 1 bed is for beginning tanners looking to build a base tan, which is what you need before any serious tanning, and also great for avid users who want to maintain there color in the winter months. A level 2 bed could also be used by a beginner but only if you do not burn easy. This higher level bed usually has a lower maximum time but gets you the results you want faster and to maintain your tan takes fewer visits. A level 3 bed is also a higher UV rays it may cost more too, but in this bed you go less time. It also takes very little time to achieve your tanning plateau. A level 4 is in most cases the highest tanning level, this is usually only for frequent tanners because going straight to the highest level you will burn and have to start all over again. These beds also help you maintain your tan longer and darker though.

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