About toner cartridges

Local toner cartridges are available in most communities from a variety of retailers. Office supply stores carry them, and now they are found in most major superstores like Wal-Mart. Every home or office these days has a printer that requires from one to four individual toner cartridges. Many businesses have multiple units, each requiring black cartridges, and many of them also requiring color cartridges. Local toner cartridges are built for each specific printer. Many wonder why the major producers of printers do not create printers in which universal local toner cartridges can be used. So far, only a couple of manufacturers have done so. Most companies still must produce a wide variety of local toner cartridges, to fit the full range of the printer models they make. And when one takes into consideration the fact that most manufacturers produce both laser printers and ink jet printers, it is not surprising that there seems to be an infinite number of local toner cartridges. Stores that carry local toner cartridges must devote a large section of shelf space to accommodate all of the cartridges required for the many models of printers available these days. Individuals and businesses that use a printer have an important decision to make when purchasing local toner cartridges for their units. The issue is whether to buy the local toner cartridges from the manufacturer of their printer, or choose cartridges from one of the other manufacturers that produce cartridges for their units. The cartridges manufactured by the maker of the printer are often called OEM cartridges, which stands for Original Equipment from the Manufacturer. These cartridges are high quality, and have a low failure rate, but they are usually the most expensive cartridges available.

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