About towing

Towing companies can seem like an evil entity, out there to cost you money and ruin your day. If you have ever parked somewhere you were not supposed to, chances are you have come into contact with a towing service. Whether you parked a few minutes over the allotted time or left your car somewhere over night, the tow truck driver will be there to tow your vehicle back to his impound lot and await payment. So who benefits from towing services then? There are certain cases where the tow truck driver can be your best friend. If a careless driver leaves his vehicle parked in front of your driveway or is blocking you from leaving your home, towing businesses can help you with the services you need. They can remove the car and make it possible for you to get to work on time or make that necessary appointment. If you are a small business owner, the towing company can help you increase revenue and keep your customers happy. How many times have you tried to visit your local video rental store, donut shop or hair cut parlor and felt frustrated when you could not find parking? Most small businesses do not have the luxury of large parking structures. They depend on small lots and local residential parking. If careless citizens leave their cars parked for long periods of time or park in the lot of a business they are not visiting, they can take away the opportunity for businesses to make money and keep customers satisfied. In these cases towing services can help small business owners police parking lots and ensure that only customers park in their lots. Still, towing companies can teach a costly lesson, one that you might not be able to afford. Towing fees can cost hundreds of dollars. Fees that high seem unfair and are hardly worth the time you may have saved by parking somewhere you should not have. To avoid these pricey fines just be aware of where you leave your car. Always check the color of the curb before parking. Make sure to scan the area for posted signs. There must be a sign posted notifying the public about parking restrictions in order for your vehicle to be ticketed or towed. Read the sign carefully and make sure you understand it. If it says that you can only park for a certain amount of time, make sure to be back at your vehicle in the allotted time. If you do not understand the posted sign, do not park there.

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