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Youve reached that point in your relationship where its time to test the waters of forever and always by getting married to each other. You need to decide how you want to do it and do you want anyone else there at the time. You also need to decide what type of budget you are going to have to work with and are parents going to help carry any of the cost of a wedding. Local weddings are preformed everywhere today. You can choose theme, style, colors, and if you would like a large number of guest or just a few friends and close family. Local weddings are personal only to the bride and groom so the choice is theirs and no one else. You can have local weddings performed by a justice of the peace, minister, attorney, pastor or a ships captain. The only thing they need is to be licensed to perform wedding ceremonies and anyone can get a license. If you want your very best friend from childhood to perform the ceremony all you have to do is to make sure they are licensed and ready. Then file the papers to make it legal and binding. Local weddings can take place in any church even if you are not a member. However some churches require you to attend their services or a class on marriage. This is not a bad thing so don't fight it. You could end up learning much to improve your marriage. Marriage classes want a marriage to stand the test of time, not fall apart within a few months or years. Many towns offer local weddings in theme buildings and even at a drive up window. You can still purchase the flowers and pictures right at the window so you can always remember your very unusual wedding. It takes about 5 to 10 minutes depending on the type of drive up ceremony you would like. But the marriage is still just as binding as any other: so take it seriously.

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